Are you experiencing the The Marketer’s Dilemma: Short-Term Growth Or Long-Term Value And Leadership?


Our process is simple:

While many brands excel at achieving short-term growth, sustaining that growth over the long haul is far more challenging.

Leadership & Value 

Simon Says

To plot the best path forward for your business, it helps to listen to what Simon says. Simon Sinek’s model, called The Golden Circle, spotlights critical issues for business leaders to consider when it comes to targeting the right consumers and planning a company’s growth trajectory.

According to his model here is how it is applied:  

  • Who cares about our product/service? And why?These questions get to the core of a company’s purpose and should guide a company’s narrative, driving its marketing strategy for the next three to five years.
  • How will we sell? How will we measure success?It is essential to pinpoint your company’s unique selling proposition (USP) and product marketing experiences, which will lay the groundwork for one to two years of marketing planning.
  • What channels, campaigns and resources will we activate?Drill down to 12 months of marketing execution with clear distribution journeys and key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor.

Defining a promise and committing to an audience, creating unique and relevant experiences, and reaching them effectively over time are crucial steps for any business wanting to leave a significant brand imprint.  Any business worth its salt, whether that business is small, medium or large, whether it operates in an emerging or mature industry, or whether it follows a business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) model, should prioritize creating market value and best-in-class customer experiences that engender long-term loyalty.

People are the backbone of many growing prosperious companies. And finding talent and growing a business are hard when you do not have a methodology or a scoreboard to keep track. 

Elevate Talent & Growth  

Growth comes in all shapes and sizes. Our model focuses on applying a proven methodology to attract and elevate talent from outside to in. We use the “WHO METHOD” to find highly competent A Candidates to maintain retention. We also apply EOS Tractions and Kolbe index principles to grow and elevate these candidates by putting them in the right seat so too can help grow the organization.

We work obsessively, compulsively and unyieldingly with you on the financial growth of your business. Unlike many marketers, we focus on understanding your specific sales process. We analyze your business model to understand how revenue and profits are generated. Once we understand the route you have taken to get to this point, we can then determine a strategic roadmap that will dramatically affect future revenue growth.

Revenue is not only a fundamental factor for our clients – it is also the metric we have them use to measure our results. Every strategic and tactical decision is tied to revenue growth. Anything less, would be unacceptable. To them and to us.

  We’ve all worked with agencies where the most important people in the room were themselves. The FCMO model is invested and has the Gives A Shit Factor (GAS Factor) 


Digital Transformation 

Digital Transformation has been one of the biggest DISRUPTORS in marketing today. Digitization has changed the customer journey and the buying behaviours. Also for marketers, it has added a new type of knowledge that requires more resources, time and budget.

Digitization and Digital Marketing has opened the floodgates to understanding a new buying behaviour and immediate conversion optimization. We have seen companies and industries reshape their go-to-market strategy based on the impact of the world wide web, social media, apps, mobile accessibility and interactive games. The mediums and channels have developed and adopted technology most of us are unaware of. But that is not all, information and data systems now play an integral part to the intellectual health of organizations, especially B2B companies. Business systems such as CRMs, CMSs, Marketing Automation, Live Chat, VoIP and e-commerce platforms are crucial to the scalability model for almost every organization today.

As Integrator as well as an FCMO, we can help build roadmaps of the customer journey utilizing systems that will help the company grow and scale.

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